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December, 2020

Kshamtalaya Foundation is an organization supporting communities to revive the spirit of learning inside as well as outside of schools. Its learning manifesto and learning festivals aim to make education a community agenda. Mr. Kumar is an Engineer, a graduate of TISS and alumnus of the Gandhi Fellowship program and TFIx Incubation program. He has been a leader in the space of education and development with aspirations to change the discourse of education in the developing countries by cultivating a culture of systems thinking and mindfulness in schools and communities.

“You Can take a Program out of a place but not a Leader.”

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In an exclusive interview with TechConnect, Mr. Vivek Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Kshamtalaya Foundation, shared the journey of his organization. He talked about the various out-reach programs like the Cluster Excellence Learning Labs ( C.E.L.L ) and the Integrated Audio Learning in collaboration with Radio Madhuban with 5000minutes of audio content (stories and lessons) that reach students through Bluetooth speakers. Also, many other projects initiated for the betterment of not just tribal students but for communities as a whole. While sharing their work around providing quality education, he said,

“Education is not to be seen as a short-term project but a long-term process.”

Furthermore, Mr Vivek spoke about Kshamtalaya’s efforts in making the teaching-learning process fun through their program ‘Learning Festival’, where it is not just about textual studies, but also art, craft, literature and self-development activities & skills. He explained how the NEP 2020’s vision of skill development already aligns with Kshamtalaya’s ‘Whole School Transformation’ initiative that was introduced in 2018 within Delhi. While talking about the impact of COVID on education, Mr. Kumar said,  

“The disruption in education and the digital divide created is much more than just educational; it is also a cultural divide.”

Talking about future growth and upcoming plans, Mr. Kumar said that they are planning to partner with various organizations and government departments to reach even more students in other parts of various states. 

To watch the complete interview, click below:

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