Subir Shukla, Principal Coordinator for the IGNUS group

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November, 2020

Evolution of Technology in Education, Impact of COVID & NEP2020 with Mr Subir Shukla

Mr. Subir Shukla is a former educational quality advisor to MHRD and has developed the quality framework for the implementation of the Right to Education and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. He is currently the principal coordinator for IGNUS Group and works on a large-scale systematic change in education, through advising state and national governments across Asia.

“Learning is not going to happen when you do it, it will happen when you trigger it and children do it” – Mr. Subir Shukla

In an exclusive interview with TechConnect, Mr Subir Shukla spoke about the evolution of technology in education. He also spoke about the effects of COVID on education. He shared the observation regarding lack of space in public schools due to migrant students as a consequence to COVID and lockdown. Mr. Shukla further appreciates the efforts of government teachers’ technological innovations amidst this pandemic and the shift to digital classrooms. Explaining the difference in pace of learning between a rural and urban child, Mr Shukla indicates ways to lessen the digital gap whilst also using limited technological tools effectively. When talking about the use of technology in education, Mr Shukla said,

“It is important to maintain a balance between the use of Human Interaction and Technology for a smooth and effective teaching-learning process.”

Furthermore, Mr Shukla shared his thoughts on NEP 2020 and how it might impact the teaching domain. He further shares the challenges in terms of accessing available educational content, re-examining and aligning the pedagogical processes, moving towards standards of performance. Mr Shukla recommended using the COVID situation as a learning opportunity for children, and build curriculums that enable them to learn things which otherwise, they would not have discovered.

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