Motivating Teachers To
Become Leaders

Mr. Agnivesh Sharma, an educator at Sanskrit UPS School, Jaipur brought a new perspective to teaching by integrating technology with traditional pedagogy. Recognising the potential of Project’s pedagogical and technological inputs, Mr. Sharma embarked on a transformative journey to harness the power of innovation by collaborating with his friend and tech enthusiast, Mr. Imran Khan.

The initiative aimed to integrate technology into teaching practices, enhancing learning outcomes, engagement and efficiency. With a profound belief in blending technology and education, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Khan envisioned creating educational apps that would revolutionize the learning and teaching experience. Their first achievement, “DevVani Sanskrit,” became a very popular in 2021, demonstrating the potential of merging technology and pedagogy.

Inspired by the utility of the App, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Khan embarked on developing apps that bridged the gap between traditional subjects and modern teaching techniques. Their success story showcased the impact of introducing technology-driven tools in education.

Agnivesh Sharma’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Project’s approach. The adoption of DevVani Sanskrit across the state, and their ongoing work on the Prashast app with NCERT, highlights how innovative teaching methods can thrive when supported by innovative technology.

Motivating teachers to become leaders

Journey From One Smart TV
to Four Smart TV in School

Govt. Upper Primary School Mansarovar Old, was provided with a LED TV under EdIndia’s Project in 2018 and the teachers were trained in enriching their classroom teaching/learning practices by using available teaching ideas and content as well as by discussing relevant issues through various e-platforms.

As the teachers started to use the chapter-wise support provided for effective session delivery they could realize the need of more TVs as these teachers had only one TV in the school and only one class could be taught at a time. The teachers felt the need for an additional TV to ensure multiple classes could be taught at a time using the technology support. Three of these school teachers decided to contribute out of their kitty in the interest of the school. The headmaster of the school was influenced by the success of the program and the motivation of the teachers and contacted Bhamashah’s (donors) of the area to contribute towards the cause.

The efforts succeeded and the headmaster was able to get two more TVs for the school. Now, the school has four functional classrooms for classes I to VIII, and teachers use the app and other available online resource for teaching through Smart TVs.

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