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February, 2021

Rocket learning is a non-profit ed-tech organisation with the mission to catalyze early childhood education and foundational learning in India. They partner with governments and parents to impact millions of young children between the age of 3-8 years old. The foundation was started in March 2020, and since then has reached over 1lakh students and over 10,000 schools within 3 states of India. Rocket Learning aims to eradicate the inequality faced by low-income children by creating a national parent-led social movement for early learning, through partnerships, mass awareness, information, incentives and engagement.

“We BELIEVE working with Children and Education is super powerful.”

In an exclusive interview with TechConnect, Mr. Utsav Kheria, Co-Founder, RocketLearning and Mr.  Siddhant Sachdeva, Leadership Team, shared the journey of Rocket Learning and how it came about. They talked about the various outreach programs of Rocket Learning, and how they took advantage of the COVID  situation to reach children through WhatsApp. They also mentioned how they kept the parents involved in  the process and used available technological resources to their benefit. When asked about the involvement  of parents and teachers, Mr Siddhant said,  

“We try to make our content easy and understandable for parents as well as children. We also try to make  it catchy and interactive. We launch social campaigns and activities that can be done by both parents and  children and also teachers and students. Recently we launched a campaign “Bade hoke kya banna  chahoge?” Children had to dress up as what they wanted to be and send us videos in this.” 

Mr Utsav and Siddhant went on to share about Rocket Learning’s upcoming plans and the possibility of new  technologies to build an engaging platform for teachers, students and parents. Furthermore, While discussing  about NEP2020 and its implementation, Mr Utsav said that,  

“Fortunately NEP2020 wouldn’t affect Rocket Learning’s existing modules much as we already aligned  our content and methodologies. We provide vernacular content based on the state and focus on providing  a strong foundation for learning,” 

To watch the complete interview, click below:

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