Project Pragyan


Mobile App

Pragyan mobile app has been created for teachers of grades 2 to 5. The app consists of curated, chapter based content for subjects Mathematics, English & Hindi. Content ranges from videos for teachers and students to innovative teaching plans.


Video Conferencing

Teacher Capacity building sessions are screened on YouTube live. The session link is shared on teacher WhatsApp groups. Teachers can post their queries on chat messages on YouTube which are promptly attended to by the facilitator.

Screen Casting

The audiovisual e-content on the teacher’s personal device can be viewed on a smart TV by the students to make the class interactive & participative. Screen casting can work without internet as well as through a Wi-Fi Hotspot.



The team creates & curates open Ed audio-visual resources. These resources are tagged to textual content.


Content is uploaded on Pragyan E-content server. It consists of audio visual aid for both for teachers as well as students.


Teacher can access the resources on their mobile devices by downloading the Pragyan mobile app. They make use of it for interactive lesson transaction by way of screen casting it on smart TVs.


Team supports teachers to use technology in innovative ways through school visits, workshops and video conferencing.


E-content creation

Audio-visual aids are curated and created to simplify lesson transactions for the teachers and make the class more interactive and participative.

Tech Support

Leverage technology to increase OTT (On task time) for the teachers. It improves student learning outcomes as they retain more because of audio visual media.

Teacher Support

A multi-pronged teacher support system has been developed that supports teachers through school visits, workshops, video conferencing and e-content.



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