Post-Covid-19 Package For
Primary Teachers

Epidemics have historically helped humanity develop new diction and idiom of life. In the context of the existent Covid-19 crisis working from home, and adopting online mode of education is the new normal. Another aspect of this crisis will unfold before us when we will attempt at starting business as normal – the new normal that has set in. Professionals will have to revisit the basic tenets of their trade and reimagine things afresh. So will the teachers do whenever the schools resume with regular classes. Various government and non-government agencies are working on developing a standard operating procedure to be followed post-covid-19.

Post-Covid-19 Package For Primary Teachers

EdIndia Foundation has developed a package for primary teachers to help them design the first fifteen days of their school processes and classroom pedagogy that will help children cope with the new normal as well as recover the lost ground of learning because of a long hiatus that was imposed upon their school education. The package intends to help teachers appreciate the severity of the crisis and its impact on the psychology and learning of children and strategies to deal with them. It also contains teaching plans, teaching ideas, classroom activities and student worksheets/exercises in Hindi, English and Mathematics, which teachers can use in the first fifteen days after the schools reopen. The content has been kept easy to grasp and use for teachers and interesting and meaningful to engage the learners. The package has been fully digitized with short introductory videos to the whole package, to each section, and illustrating videos of two classroom processes of each sub-section. The strength of the package lies in the professional relevance of the content to primary teachers and its digital mode which makes it possible to access and use in any geography at any scale.

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