EmpowerU – Embedding Intelligence In Education

Kutuki Kids Learning App – Your Preschool at Home

Embedding intelligence in education for better decisions and impact at scale

“The way to transform our Education System is to strengthen every component of this system, i.e. the decision-maker, the teacher, the student and the school itself.”

The way to provide quality education to every student of India is to utilize technology at its best.

Kutuki Kids Learning App – Your Preschool at Home

This is the core mantra behind the huge impact created by EmpowerU in Government-run schools across multiple states and districts of India. In last five years EmpowerU claims success in addressing a series of complex challenges existent in government schools like poor learning outcomes of student, improving basic literacy and numeracy, facilitating data-driven decision- making coupled with real-time data monitoring and analysis of every school.

Their work has impacted half a million students alongside 50000 teachers and 7000 schools.

In district Giridih of Jharkhand, educational parameters showed quick improvement like – teacher attendance improved by 20%, mid-day meal delivery improved by 15% as no shortage of grains happened due to intelligent detection capability of EmpowerU.

The implementation of the project EmpowerU Disha empowered the decision-makers to get real-time insights and receive grievances of school that helped them to take quick action to improve the facilities and infrastructure. The time of teachers was saved with facilities like online leave application, grievance redressal. It is a real-time monitoring and evaluation product embedded with inbuilt intelligence to detect several issues based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It improved multiple parameters that impact education as a whole like, teacher presence, facilities monitoring, grievance and others. Besides, it collected real-time data from every school in the district, even without the internet.

Kutuki Kids Learning App – Your Preschool at Home

EmpowerU Sikhsha Darpan, an ongoing project in the north-eastern state – Tripura has established a digital backbone for the entire school education system of the state. It is enabling weekly tracking of learning outcomes, foundational learning of students and enabling decision-makers to make data-driven decisions for the students and teachers. “EmpowerU-Shiksha Darpan” is acknowledged as one of the “Remote Learning Initiatives Across India” by the Department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD (now MoE) in its “India Report Digital Education.”

EmpowerU Learning is the newest innovation that is aimed at democratizing quality education for rural and suburban students of India. It was started with the vision to bridge the sudden learning gap created due to the closure of schools during the nationwide lockdown in India. The platform provides high-quality learning to rural and suburban students in regional languages. The app has currently 3,000 videos, 1,000 E-books and is currently being used by 2,000 students and 1,000 teachers of Tripura.

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