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November, 2020

Kutuki aims to reimagine how 200 Millions of India’s youngest learners learn

Kutuki (a play on the word Kautuka meaning ‘The Curious One’ in Sanskrit) is India’s first early learning app that uses a proprietary story and song based curriculum that addresses the learning needs of India’s youngest learners. Stories, illustrations and music are powerful mediums that young children immediately connect with in comparison to tools that are merely instructional. You may have a structured curriculum but if you don’t have exciting, creative and contextual resources to support that, children will not be inspired to learn and teachers will not feel inspired to teach.

At Kutuki, we’ve taken best practices from world class early learning philosophies and created our own proprietary song and story based curriculum that is deeply localized to the Indian context. Our content revolves around 3 main characters namely a curious boy named Kutu, an adventurous little girl named Ki and their best friend, Minku the haathi. Children connect with these characters because they are so Indian and enjoy having them as their learning companions.

We have 100+ fresh, original songs, stories and e-books, aligned to 30+ preschool themes ranging from Phonics and Letter Tracing to Health and Hygiene, Socio-Emotional development to S.T.E.M , across English and 4 regional languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada with more coming soon. Each piece of content is bite sized and linked to a learning milestone, accompanied by interactivity to allow for meaningful participation rather than passive consumption.

By going mobile first and leveraging technology, we want to ensure easy access to mothers, educators and children everywhere in India.

We have 3,00,000 mothers and children and 130+ preschools using Kutuki across Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities and some even in Anganwadis. The one common feedback being that children connect with our stories and songs, set in familiar Indian contexts. They enjoy learning shapes through bindis, counting with pooris and singing songs about their Dada and Dadi or Thata and Paati. In non-English speaking families, children watch our regional language content first and then watch the same content in English. This helps them understand words and concepts in a meaningful context. Every day we have parents writing to us saying how their little ones take inspiration from our content and learn something new at home every day. For example – Doing a little science experiment to make their own invisible ink after watching ‘Nani’s Magical Recipe’, mixing colours to create a new colour after watching ‘Varun’s magic with colours’ or learning shapes through Indian sweets after watching ‘Shapes that you can eat’.

We have recently introduced a new format of content on the Kutuki App called ‘Stay Curious with Kutu and Ki’ and it’s already a raging hit with our Kutuki Kids.In this format, Kutu and Ki ask questions curated from our Kutuki Kids to some very interesting guests who are experts across different fields.

The app is one of the winners of The Aatmanarirbhar App Innovation Challenge and has received praise by India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi himself in his recent Mann Ki Baat address to the nation.

You can download Kutuki on Play Store or App Store – https://tr.im/kutuki

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