Mr.Ravi Sreedharan, Founder Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)

Leader Talk

February, 2021


Mr Ravi worked for 24 years in the corporate sector, most of which was at HSBC where he was the Regional Marketing Head for the Middle East and Africa, Head of Consumer Products for Asia Pacific, Consumer Banking Head of Indonesia, CEO and President Director of Bank Ekonomi (a local bank in Indonesia that was acquired by HSBC.) He quit his corporate career and switched to the social sector in 2011 joining Azim Premji Foundation, where he was the Head of Education Leadership & Management.
Mr Ravi has pursued his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and B. Tech. from IIT-BHU.

In an exclusive interview with TechConnect, Mr Ravi Sreedharan, founder of ISDM, walks us through the journey  of ISDM and how the institution began. He talks about the difference in management within the business world as  compared to the social sector. Mr. Ravi also explains the huge inequality between the two sectors and how the gap can be bridged. Furthermore, he talks about how teachers and technology can play a role in improving the  management system within the social sector. When asked about the role of technology in education post COVID Mr.  Ravi said, 

“Technology as a whole and in education has become a part of our lives so much so that it cannot be taken out. It  will continue to evolve and advance and we must adapt to it as required.” 

While talking about Technology in education, Mr Ravi also said, “We need to understand the fundamental process of  teaching and then leverage technology into it. Having technology does not mean replacing a teacher; rather  improvising and using technology to teach more efficiently should be the way around.” Talking about the digital  divide, Mr. Ravi said, “There has always been a divide in the country where there are the haves and the have  not’s; and so, technology like many others is one of the reasons for the digital divide.” He goes on to talk about  the advantages of technology and the growth opportunities due to it and also how important it is to make it accessible  to all. 

When asked about the NEP2020 and its impact on ISDM, Mr Ravi said, “The NEP’s goals and vision align with that  of ISDM and would be a benefit for the institution as a whole.” Furthermore, talking about the upcoming initiatives  or projects by ISDM, Mr Ravi gives us details about the two work in progress projects: one is building the digital  infrastructure especially for the working class with a series of programs and second is an excellence program for  organizations in the social sector. 

To watch the complete interview, click below:

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