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  • Course enrollment
  • How do I Enroll on the course?
    Once you sign up on the Framerspace, you will see the list of course. You can either scroll down to select the course you want to enroll for, or else you can directly search the course on the upper right corner.
  • I have lost my 4-word Unique-ID. How can I access my course now?
    If you have lost your Unique-ID, that means you have lost your account and there is no way to get it back. You need to sign-up and create a new account on FramerSpace and restart the course.
  • Why should I save or remember my 4-word id and Password?
    FramerSpace is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. You may have noticed while creating your learner profile that this platform doesn't ask for your name, email, or any other personal identifiers. If you forget or lose your credentials, you will lose your progress in the course and will have to create a new profile to access FramerSpace. So, save your user id and password. For example, if 'near-rook-white-arlina' is your unique id, copy or write this down somewhere safe.
  • I have lost my password, how can I access my account now?
    You can reset the password if you have added your email address for recovery. If you haven’t added your email, you won’t be able to recover your account. Also, be careful while typing your email id, any typo made while entering your email id will make it impossible for the system to send you a reset password link.
  • What type of user password is to be made ?
    • A minimum length of eight characters and a maximum between 16 to 64 characters. While there is no limit to the length of a password, it does reach a point of diminishing returns.
    • Include both uppercase and lowercase letters with case sensitivity. This increases the number of variables at play and, therefore, its difficulty.
    • Use at least one number.
    • Use at least one special character.
    • Avoid using easily guessed elements such as names of children, pet names and birthdays.
    • Consider using a password management tool.
  • What is unique id ?
    Unique ID To all Users to identify them
  • Is this course available on application
    No, this is available on website
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