Maya Menon – Founder & Director, The Teacher Foundation (TTF)

Ms Maya has been in the field of education for over three decades. Her areas of professional experience include conceptualizing, designing and implementing a wide range of school and teacher-related projects and services – including the Wipro Applying Thought in Schools Teacher Empowerment Project initiated in 2001 and Safe & Sensitive Schools initiated in 2009 and currently research on ‘Standards for Social & Emotional Learning for Indian schools’.

Educational Technology: More questions than Answers (Part 1)

The partnership between education and technology that has been evolving for nearly half a century has undergone a revolution in the last two decades. The degree and pace of change in this relationship has made us all, those working in education and those not, stop and think about it – ‘whither are we going?’ Is it good for education? Is it an attempt to serve the vested interest of technology? Will it help students and teachers or will it be an additional burden on them? Will it be possible to manage the required logistic requirements?

eVidyaloka- Enabling digital education in rural India, despite all odds.

eVidyaloka is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming the educational landscape of rural India. The organization creates digital classrooms for children in remote villages, with the support of local communities and Volunteer Teachers from across the globe. With standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for a consistent learning experience, the children from government schools receive e-quality education for a promising and rewarding future.

Rocket Learning – Building An Equal Foundation For Early Learners.

In an exclusive interview with TechConnect, Mr. Utsav Kheria, Co-Founder, RocketLearning and Mr. Siddhant Sachdeva, Leadership Team; shared the journey of Rocket Learning and how it came about. They talked about the various outreach programs of Rocket Learning, and how they took advantage of the COVID situation to reach children through WhatsApp, making the teaching-learning process interactive and engaging.

EmpowerU – Embedding Intelligence in Education

Embedding intelligence in education for better decisions and impact at scale “The way to transform our Education System is to strengthen every component of this system, i.e. the decision-maker, the teacher, the student and the school itself.” The way to provide quality education to every student of India is to utilize technology at its best. This …

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